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To profile or to marginalize - A SMEFT case study

Ilaria Brivio, Sebastian Bruggisser, Nina Elmer, Emma Geoffray, Michel Luchmann, Tilman Plehn

SciPost Phys. 16, 035 (2024) · published 29 January 2024


Global SMEFT analyses have become a key interpretation framework for LHC physics, quantifying how well a large set of kinematic measurements agrees with the Standard Model. This agreement is encoded in measured Wilson coefficients and their uncertainties. A technical challenge of global analyses are correlations. We compare, for the first time, results from a profile likelihood and a Bayesian marginalization for a given data set with a comprehensive uncertainty treatment. Using the validated Bayesian framework we analyse a series of new kinematic measurements. For the updated dataset we find and explain differences between the marginalization and profile likelihood treatments.

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