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Probing muon g-2 at a future muon collider

Jason Arakawa, Arvind Rajaraman, Taotao Sui, Tim M.P. Tait

SciPost Phys. 16, 072 (2024) · published 12 March 2024


The $4.2\sigma$ discrepancy in the $(g-2)$ of the muon provides a hint that may indicate that physics beyond the standard model is at play. A multi-TeV scale muon collider provides a natural testing ground for this physics. In this paper, we discuss the potential to probe the BSM parameter space that is consistent with solving the $(g-2)_{\mu}$ discrepancy in the language of the SMEFT, utilizing the statistical power provided by fitting event rates collected running at multiple energies. Our results indicate the importance of including interference between the BSM and the SM amplitudes, and illustrates how a muon collider running at a handful of lower energies and with less total collected luminosity can better significantly constrain the space of relevant SMEFT coefficients than would be possible for a single high energy run.

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