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Vertical and lateral manipulation of single Cs atoms on the semiconductor InAs(111)A

Rian A. M. Ligthart, Cristophe Coinon, Ludovic Desplanque, Xavier Wallart, Ingmar Swart

SciPost Phys. 16, 096 (2024) · published 5 April 2024


The tip of the scanning tunneling microscope can be used to position atoms and molecules on surfaces with atomic scale precision. Here, we report the controlled vertical and lateral manipulation of single Cs atoms on the InAs(111)A surface. The Cs adatom adsorbs on the In-vacancy site of the InAs(111)A—(2x2) surface reconstruction. Lateral manipulation is possible in all directions over the surface, not just along high-symmetry directions. Both pushing and pulling modes were observed in the height profile of the tip. We assembled two artificial structures, demonstrating the reliability of the manipulation procedures. Structures remained intact to a temperature of at least 44 K.

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