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Anisotropic scaling of the two-dimensional Ising model II: surfaces and boundary fields

Hendrik Hobrecht, Alfred Hucht

SciPost Phys. 8, 032 (2020) · published 2 March 2020


Based on the results published recently [SciPost Phys. 7, 026 (2019)], the influence of surfaces and boundary fields are calculated for the ferromagnetic anisotropic square lattice Ising model on finite lattices as well as in the finite-size scaling limit. Starting with the open cylinder, we independently apply boundary fields on both sides which can be either homogeneous or staggered, representing different combinations of boundary conditions. We confirm several predictions from scaling theory, conformal field theory and renormalisation group theory: we explicitly show that anisotropic couplings enter the scaling functions through a generalised aspect ratio, and demonstrate that open and staggered boundary conditions are asymptotically equal in the scaling regime. Furthermore, we examine the emergence of the surface tension due to one antiperiodic boundary in the system in the presence of symmetry breaking boundary fields, again for finite systems as well as in the scaling limit. Finally, we extend our results to the antiferromagnetic Ising model.

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