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Normal modes in thermal AdS via the Selberg zeta function

Victoria L. Martin, Andrew Svesko

SciPost Phys. 9, 009 (2020) · published 21 July 2020


The heat kernel and quasinormal mode methods of computing 1-loop partition functions of spin $s$ fields on hyperbolic quotient spacetimes $\mathbb{H}^{3}/\mathbb{Z}$ are related via the Selberg zeta function. We extend that analysis to thermal $\text{AdS}_{2n+1}$ backgrounds, with quotient structure $\mathbb{H}^{2n+1}/\mathbb{Z}$. Specifically, we demonstrate the zeros of the Selberg function encode the normal mode frequencies of spin fields upon removal of non-square-integrable modes. With this information we construct the 1-loop partition functions for symmetric transverse traceless tensors in terms of the Selberg zeta function and find exact agreement with the heat kernel method.

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Anti-de Sitter (AdS) space

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