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New sensitivity of current LHC measurements to vector-like quarks

Andy Buckley, Jonathan M. Butterworth, Louie Corpe, Danping Huang, Puwen Sun

SciPost Phys. 9, 069 (2020) · published 11 November 2020


Quark partners with non-chiral couplings appear in several extensions of the Standard Model. They may have non-trivial generational structure to their couplings, and may be produced either in pairs via the strong and EM interactions, or singly via the new couplings of the model. Their decays often produce heavy quarks and gauge bosons, which will contribute to a variety of already-measured "Standard Model" cross-sections at the LHC. We present a study of the sensitivity of such published LHC measurements to vector-like quarks, first comparing to limits already obtained from dedicated searches, and then broadening to some so-far unstudied parameter regions.

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