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Recent results on hyperon pair production and nucleon time-like form factors at BESIII

Alessio Mangoni

SciPost Phys. Proc. 10, 021 (2022) · published 10 August 2022

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50th International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics


The BESIII experiment, based on the BEPCII collider at IHEP in Beijing, China, is capable of measuring nucleon form factors with unprecedented precision. We report recent results achieved by the BESIII collaboration concerning the nucleon time-like form factors and the hyperon pair production. More in detail we outline the results obtained by the study of the process $e^+e^- \to p \overline p$, using both the scan-energy and initial-state radiation techniques, those of the process $e^+e^- \to n \overline n$, and the study of the $\Sigma$ polarization regarding the process $e^+e^- \to J/\psi \to \Sigma^+\overline \Sigma{}^-$.

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