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Searching for wave-like dark matter with QSHS

Ian Bailey, Bhaswati Chakraborty, Gemma Chapman, Edward J. Daw, John Gallop, Gianluca Gregori, Edward Hardy, Ling Hao, Edward Laird, Peter Leek, John March-Russell, Phil Meeson, Seaárbhan Ó Peatáin, Yuri Pashkin, Mitchell G. Perry, Michele Piscitelli, Edward Romans, Subir Sarkar, Paul J. Smith, Ningqiang Song, Mahesh Soni, Boon K. Tan, Stephen West, Stafford Withington

SciPost Phys. Proc. 12, 040 (2023) · published 4 July 2023

Proceedings event

14th International Conference on Identification of Dark Matter


In 2021 the Quantum Sensors for the Hidden Sector (QSHS) collaboration was founded in the UK and received funding to develop and demonstrate quantum devices with the potential to detect hidden sector particles in the $\mu$eV to 100 $\mu$eV mass window. The collaboration has been developing a range of devices. It is building a high-field, low-temperature facility at the University of Sheffield to characterise and test the devices in a haloscope geometry. This paper introduces the collaboration's motivation, aims, and progress.

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