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On irregularities in the cosmic ray spectrum of \(10^{16}-10^{18}\) eV range

Stanislav P. Knurenko, Igor S. Petrov

SciPost Phys. Proc. 13, 020 (2023) · published 28 September 2023

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21st International Symposium on Very High Energy Cosmic Ray Interactions


Existing small, medium and large arrays for the study of cosmic rays of ultra-high energies are aimed for obtaining information about our galaxy and extragalactic space, namely to search and study astronomical objects that produce the flux of relativistic particles. The drift and interaction of such particles with magnetic fields and shock waves taking place in interstellar space causes the same interest. The shape of the energy spectrum of cosmic rays in the energy range $10^{15}-10^{18}$ eV, where the "knee" and the "second knee" are observed, can be formed as a superposition of the partial spectra of various chemical elements. Verification of galactic models, using recent experimental spectral data, makes it possible to study the nature of the galactic and extragalactic components of cosmic rays. The paper presents the result of the energy spectrum of cosmic rays in the range $10^{16}-10^{18}$ eV of measurements obtained with the Small Cherenkov array - a part of the Yakutsk array.

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