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Spin degrees of freedom incorporated in conformal group: Introduction of an intrinsic momentum operator

Seiichi Kuwata

SciPost Phys. Proc. 14, 034 (2023) · published 24 November 2023

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34th International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics


Considering spin degrees of freedom incorporated in the conformal generators, we introduce an intrinsic momentum operator $\pi_\mu$, which is feasible for the Bhabha wave equation. If a physical state $\psi_{ph}$ for spin s is annihilated by the $\pi_\mu$, the degree of $\psi_{ph}$, deg $\psi_{ph}$, should equal twice the spin degrees of freedom, $2 ( 2 s + 1)$ for a massive particle, where the multiplicity $2$ indicates the chirality. The relation deg $\psi_{ph}$ = 2(2s+1) holds in the representation $R_5$ (s,s), irreducible representation of the Lorentz group in five dimensions.

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