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The charged $Z_c$ and $Z_b$ structures in a constituent quark model approach

Pablo Garcia Ortega, Jorge Segovia, David Rodriguez Entem and Francisco Fernández

SciPost Phys. Proc. 3, 013 (2020) · published 25 February 2020

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24th European Few Body Conference


The nature of the recently discovered $Z_c$ and $Z_b$ structures is intriguing. Their charge forces its minimal quark content to be $Q\bar Q q\bar q$ (where $Q=\{c,b\}$ and $q=\{u,d\}$). In this work we perform a molecular coupled-channels calculation of the $I^G(J^{PC})=1^+(1^{+-})$ charm and bottom sectors in the framework of a constituent quark model which satisfactorily describes a wide range of properties of (non-)conventional hadrons containing heavy quarks. All the relevant channels are included for each sector, i.e.: The $D^{(\ast)}\bar D^{\ast}+h.c.$, $\pi J/\psi$ and $\rho\eta_c$ channels for the $Z_c$ and $B^{(\ast)}B^{\ast}$ and $\Upsilon(nS)\pi$ ($n=1,2,3$) channels for the $Z_b$ analysis. Possible structures of these resonances will be discussed

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