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Effect of isospin averaging for $ppK^-$ kaonic cluster

Branislav Vlahovic, Igor Filikhin

SciPost Phys. Proc. 3, 040 (2020) · published 27 February 2020

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24th European Few Body Conference


The kaonic cluster $ppK^-$ is described by isospin-dependent $N{\bar K}$ potentials with significant difference between singlet and triplet components. The quasi-bound state energy of the system is calculated based on the configuration space Faddeev equations within isospin and averaged potential models. The isospin averaging of $ N{\bar K} $ potentials is used to simplify the isospin model to isospinless one. We show that three-body bound state energy $E_{3}$ has a lower bound within the isospin formalism due to relation $\left\vert E_{3}(V_{NN}=0)\right\vert<2\left\vert E_{2}\right\vert$, where $E_{2}$ is the binding energy of isospin singlet state of the $N{\bar K}$ subsystem. The averaged potential model demonstrates opposite relation between $|E_{2}|$ and $|E_{3}(V_{NN}=0)|$.

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