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An investigation of the appearance of a long range nuclear potential in ultra low energy nuclear synthesis

Shinsho Oryu, Takashi Watanabe, Yasuhisa Hiratsuka, Masayuki Takeda

SciPost Phys. Proc. 3, 050 (2020) · published 27 February 2020

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24th European Few Body Conference


A new potential, the $general$ $particle$ $transfer$ $potential$: so called ``GPT'' potential was represented in the previous paper which indicates a Yukawa-type potential for shorter range, but a $1/r^n$-type potential for longer range where $n=2$ includes the Efimov-like potential in the hadron system. In order to confirm the existence of a GPT potential, we investigate the possibility of Cs+2d$\rightarrow$La reaction on the three-ion quasi-molecule CsD$_2$ which is covered by twelve Pd or a CsD$_2$Pd$_{12}$-cluster, where the three-body bound states and wave functions for D-Cs-D molecular and d-Cs-d nuclear systems are calculated. We obtain an approximate E2-transition from the molecular states to the nuclear states. The transition ratio between the short range nuclear potential with the $1/r^2$-type long range potential and without long range potential is $W_{i\rightarrow f}^{E2';L}/W_{i\rightarrow f}^{E2';S}\approx 10^8$. If the reaction Cs+2D$\rightarrow$La is experimentally observed, then the existence of the GPT potential could be confirmed.

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