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Laser spectroscopy of light muonic atoms and the nuclear charge radii

Aldo Antognini, Franz Kottmann, Randolf Pohl

SciPost Phys. Proc. 5, 021 (2021) · published 6 September 2021

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Review of Particle Physics at PSI


The energy levels of hydrogen-like atomic systems are shifted slightly by the complex structure of the nucleus, in particular by the finite size of the nucleus. These energy shifts are vastly magnified in muonic atoms and ions, i.e. the hydrogen-like systems formed by a negative muon and a nucleus. By measuring the 2S-2P energy splitting in muonic hydrogen, muonic deuterium and muonic helium, we have been able to deduce the p, d, 3He and 4He nuclear charge radii to an unprecedented accuracy. These radii provide benchmarks for hadron and nuclear theories, lead to precision tests of bound- state QED in regular atoms and to a better determination of the Rydberg constant.

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