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Pion electronic decay and lepton universality

D. Počanić

SciPost Phys. Proc. 5, 025 (2021) · published 6 September 2021

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Review of Particle Physics at PSI


In common with a number of simple processes involving elementary particles, charged pion decays are profoundly shaped by applicable Standard Model (SM) symmetries and properties. Given the highly precise SM theoretical description, pion decays are used as selective probes of SM parameters, and of possible SM extensions. The PEN experiment at PSI is studying the π + → e + ν e (γ), or π_ e2(γ) decay. The primary goal is to reach the relative precision of 5 × 10 ^{−4} in Re/μ^π, the branching ratio for π_ e2(γ) decay. We review the PEN research program, its present status, and prospects.

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