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Title: The folded spin-1/2 XXZ model: II. Thermodynamics and hydrodynamics with a minimal set of charges
Author(s): Lenart Zadnik, Kemal Bidzhiev, Maurizio Fagotti
As Contributors: Kemal Bidzhiev · Maurizio Fagotti · Lenart Zadnik
Journal ref.: SciPost Physics 10, 099
Date: 2021-05-03


We study the (dual) folded spin-1/2 XXZ model in the thermodynamic limit. We focus, in particular, on a class of local macrostates that includes Gibbs ensembles. We develop a thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz description and work out generalised hydrodynamics at the leading order. Remarkably, in the ballistic scaling limit the junction of two local macrostates results in a discontinuity in the profile of essentially any local observable.

Comments on this Commentary

Lenart Zadnik  on 2021-12-21  [id 2042]


The explicit form of the duality transformation in Eq. (6) on page 4 is incomplete: the transformation of $\boldsymbol{\sigma}^y_L$ is missing. Equation (6) should instead read
\boldsymbol \sigma_\ell^x\mapsto \begin{cases}
-\boldsymbol\sigma_1^y\prod_{\jmath=2}^{L-1}\boldsymbol\sigma_\jmath^z \boldsymbol \sigma_L^y\, ,&\ell=1\, ,\\
\boldsymbol\sigma_{\ell-1}^x\boldsymbol\sigma_\ell^x\, ,&\ell>1\, ,
\boldsymbol \sigma_\ell^y\mapsto \begin{cases}
\boldsymbol\sigma_\ell^z\mapsto \prod_{\jmath=\ell}^{L-1}\boldsymbol\sigma_\jmath^z\boldsymbol\sigma_L^y\, .
Equation (6) is not used anywhere, so this change has no effect on the validity of any reported result.

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