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Celebrating the 2000th publication

6 June 2023 

Today, we are very happy to publish a very special paper:

Universality class of the mode-locked glassy random laser
by Jacopo Niedda, Giacomo Gradenigo, Luca Leuzzi and Giorgio Parisi
SciPost Phys. 14, 144 (2023)

For you, this paper should be special due to its scientific quality.

For our initiative, it's a milestone because it is the 2000th paper published since our beginnings in 2016.

We would like to mark this event by expressing once again our deep gratitude to all authors, referees, Fellows, readers, advisors, supporters and sponsors who have made SciPost the successful Genuine Open Access publisher it is today.

This event also reinvigorates us to further improve and broaden our services, fulfilling our mission of providing a quality-focused, community-driven publishing solution for academics worldwide. The embrace of the community, driving the recent rapid growth we have experienced, is a convincing validation of our approach. On the one hand, this has put great strain on our currently severely limited resources; on the other hand it re-motivates us to expand our efforts to convince academic institutions and funding agencies to increase their support, so that we can bring the benefits of our activities to wider communities.