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SciPost Sustain Our Services Campaign

7 March 2024 

Today we are launching SciPost's Sustain Our Services Campaign.

This campaign has the following primary objectives:

  • to ensure continuity of support for our services
  • to engage organizations which have benefitted from our activities, but not yet supported us
  • to reduce our financial uncertainty, by building reserves to cover at least 12 months of operations and by vying for longer-term support agreements
  • to empower our growth and widen the positive impact we have in terms of publishing practices, including countering today's publishing costs hyperinflation, by making our business model more widely known and adopted as an alternative to APCs

Secondary objectives include:

  • to engage with and raise awareness of scientists (whose livelihoods are most impacted by current failings) in the reform of the publishing business
  • to extend our business model to like-minded initiatives, thereby forming a larger lobbying group for Diamond

In the coming times, look out for the following:

  • blog posts
  • information sessions / webinars
  • direct discussions with individual stakeholders

To kickstart the campaign, we offer you the following two blog posts:

We look forward to engaging with you during the course of this campaign!