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Experimental input for $e^+e^-$ for $a_{\mu}$ light-by-light

by Y. P. Guo for BESIII Collaboration

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Authors (as registered SciPost users): Yuping Guo
Submission information
Preprint Link: scipost_201811_00012v1  (pdf)
Date submitted: 2018-11-11 01:00
Submitted by: Guo, Yuping
Submitted to: SciPost Physics Proceedings
Proceedings issue: The 15th International Workshop on Tau Lepton Physics (TAU2018)
Ontological classification
Academic field: Physics
  • High-Energy Physics - Experiment
Approach: Experimental


The anomalous magnetic momentum of the muon, $a_{\mu}$, has been measured and calculated with a precision up to $~0.5$ ppm, but there is a 3 to 4 standard deviations between these two values. The uncertainty in the calculation is dominated by the hadronic part, including the hadronic vacuum polarization and the hadronic light-by-light. The meson transition form factors and the helicity amplitudes can be used as input or constraint to the calculation of the hadronic light-by-light contribution. Latest experimental studies of the transition form factors of $\pi^{0}$, $\eta$, and $\eta^{\prime}$ and the cross-section of $\gamma\gamma^{*}\to\pi^+pi^-$ from $e^+e^-$ collider are presented.

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Has been resubmitted

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Resubmission scipost_201811_00012v2 on 5 December 2018

Reports on this Submission

Report 1 by Gerco Onderwater on 2018-12-4 (Invited Report)

  • Cite as: Gerco Onderwater, Report on arXiv:scipost_201811_00012v1, delivered 2018-12-04, doi: 10.21468/SciPost.Report.701


This paper reports on important new measurements in their own right, and which may assist in reducing the uncertainty in the predicted value of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, specifically the hadronic light-by-light one. The theoretical motivation is sketched concisely, with a more elaborate description of the essence of the experimental procedure used to extract the various form factors.
Minor changes to the content, esp. grammar, would improve the already high quality of the paper.

Requested changes

L28: "with a statistical precision of 0.54 ppm" -> that is the total uncertainty
L34: "The QED contribution is the largest one, *AND* has been calculated up to 5-loop in perturbation theory with a precision of 0.0007 ppm" -> grammar
L35: "The weak contribution is small, *IT* has been calculated to 2-loop, with the measured Higgs mass taken into account [8], and its uncertainty is well under control." -> grammar; remove 'it'
L43: "... can be related to the hadronic cross-section ..." -> which hadronic cross section? There is no THE hadronic one.
L45: "*MEAN*while the situation for the HLbL part is different."
L72: "The BEPCII is a τ-charm factory THAT works with center-of-mass (CM) energy from 2.0
73 GeV to 4.6 GeV. "
L154-162: its not clear how to interpret the chi-squared, as the values are nowhere near 1. Some notion about the number of degrees of freedom is warranted, or a statement that only relative chi^2's are used.

  • validity: top
  • significance: top
  • originality: high
  • clarity: high
  • formatting: excellent
  • grammar: good

Author:  Yuping Guo  on 2018-12-05  [id 365]

(in reply to Report 1 by Gerco Onderwater on 2018-12-04)

Changes have been made according to the suggestions from referee

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