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Gedanken Support for Newton's Classical Gravity over Einstein's Geometric Gravity: The mass Induction by a Black Hole

by Emre Dil

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As Contributors: Emre Dil
Preprint link: scipost_201908_00008v1
Date submitted: 2019-08-16 02:00
Submitted by: Dil, Emre
Submitted to: SciPost Physics
Discipline: Physics
Subject area: Gravitation, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
Approach: Theoretical


Gravity has become a subject of debate. Till 1915 with the Einstein's general theory of relativity, gravity has been considered as an interaction force between massive objects according to Newton's classical gravity theory. After Einstein's general relativity, gravity has been considered as a measure of the curvature of space where the matter is inside. In this study, we introduce a philosophical insight for the deflection of light by a black hole in order to support the classical description of Newtonian gravity. We propose a mass creation mechanism by a black hole instead of the gravitational space-time curvature mechanism for gravitationally deflecting massless light. The proposal in the study is a new approach to explain the gravitational reaction of the massless light particles to a massive object that we firstly call it as the mass induction on a pair of photon in the influence of very large gravitational potentials.

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Submission scipost_201908_00008v1 on 16 August 2019

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