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EXCESS workshop: Descriptions of rising low-energy spectra

by P. Adari, A. Aguilar-Arevalo, D. Amidei, G. Angloher, E. Armengaud, C. Augier, L. Balogh, S. Banik, D. Baxter, C. Beaufort, G. Beaulieu, V. Belov, Y. Ben Gal, G. Benato, A. Benoît, A. Bento, L. Bergé, A. Bertolini, R. Bhattacharyya, J. Billard, I.M. Bloch, A. Botti, R. Breier, G. Bres, J-.L. Bret, A. Broniatowski, A. Brossard, C. Bucci, R. Bunker, M. Cababie, M. Calvo, P. Camus, G. Cancelo, L. Canonica, F. Cappella, L. Cardani, J.-F. Caron, N. Casali, G.del Castello, A. Cazes, R. Cerulli, B.A. Cervantes Vergara, D. Chaize, M. Chapellier, L. Chaplinsky, F. Charlieux, M. Chaudhuri, A.E. Chavarria, G. Chemin, R. Chen, H. Chen, F. Chierchie, I. Colantoni, J. Colas, J. Cooley, J.-M. Coquillat, E.C. Corcoran, S. Crawford, M. Crisler, A. Cruciani, P. Cushman, A. D'Addabbo, J.C. D'Olivo, A. Dastgheibi-Fard, M. De Jésus, Y. Deng, J.B. Dent, E.L. Depaoli, K. Dering, S. Dharani, S. Di Lorenzo, A. Drlica-Wagner, L. Dumoulin, D. Durnford, B. Dutta, L. Einfalt, A. Erb, A. Erhart, R. Essig, J. Estrada, E. Etzion, O. Exshaw, F. Favela-Perez, F. v. Feilitzsch, G. Fernandez Moroni, N. Ferreiro Iachellini, S. Ferriol, S. Fichtinger, E. Figueroa-Feliciano, J.-B. Filippini, D. Filosofov, J. A. Formaggio, M. Friedl, S. Fuard, D. Fuchs, A. Fuss, R. Gaïor, A. Garai, C. Garrah, J. Gascon , G. Gerbier, M. Ghaith, V.M. Ghete, D. Gift, I. Giomataris, G. Giroux, A. Giuliani, P. Gorel, P. Gorla, C. Goupy, J. Goupy, C. Goy, M. Gros, P. Gros, Y. Guardincerri, C. Guerin, V. Guidi, O. Guillaudin, S. Gupta, E. Guy, P. Harrington, D. Hauff, S. T. Heine, S. A. Hertel, S.E. Holland, Z. Hong, E.W. Hoppe, T.W. Hossbach, J.-C. Ianigro, V. Iyer, A. Jastram, M. Ješkovský, Y. Jin, J. Jochum, J. P. Johnston, A. Juillard, D. Karaivanov, V. Kashyap, I. Katsioulas, S. Kazarcev, M. Kaznacheeva, F. Kelly, B. Kilminster, A. Kinast, L. Klinkenberg, H. Kluck, P. Knights, Y. Korn, H. Kraus, B. von Krosigk, A. Kubik, N.A. Kurinsky, J. Lamblin, A. Langenkämper, S. Langrock, T. Lasserre, H. Lattaud, P. Lautridou, I. Lawson, S.J. Lee, M. Lee, A. Letessier-Selvon, D. Lhuillier, M. Li, Y.-T. Lin, A. Lubashevskiy, R. Mahapatra, S. Maludze, M. Mancuso, I. Manthos, L. Marini, S. Marnieros, R.D. Martin, A. Matalon, J. Matthews, B. Mauri, D. W. Mayer, A. Mazzolari, E. Mazzucato, H. Meyer zu Theenhausen, E. Michielin, J. Minet, N. Mirabolfathi, K. v. Mirbach, D. Misiak, P. Mitra, J-.L. Mocellin, B. Mohanty, V. Mokina, J.-P. Mols, A. Monfardini, F. Mounier, S. Munagavalasa, J.-F. Muraz, X.-F. Navick, T. Neep, H. Neog, H. Neyrial, K. Nikolopoulos, A. Nilima, C. Nones, V. Novati, P. O'Brien, L. Oberauer, E. Olivieri, M. Olmi, A. Onillon, C. Oriol, A. Orly, J.L. Orrell, T. Ortmann, C.T. Overman, C. Pagliarone, V. Palušová, P. Pari, P. K. Patel, L. Pattavina, F. Petricca, A. Piers, H. D. Pinckney, M.-C. Piro, M. Platt, D. Poda, D. Ponomarev, W. Potzel, P. Povinec, F. Pröbst, P. Privitera, F. Pucci, K. Ramanathan, J.-S. Real, T. Redon, F. Reindl, R. Ren, A. Robert, J.Da Rocha, D. Rodrigues, R. Rogly, J. Rothe, N. Rowe, S. Rozov, I. Rozova, T. Saab, N. Saffold, T. Salagnac, J. Sander, V. Sanglard, D. Santos, Y. Sarkis, V. Savu, G. Savvidis, I. Savvidis, S. Schönert, K. Schäffner, N. Schermer, J. Schieck, B. Schmidt, D. Schmiedmayer, C. Schwertner, L. Scola, M. Settimo, Ye. Shevchik, V. Sibille, I. Sidelnik, A. Singal, R. Smida, M. Sofo Haro, T. Soldner, J. Stachurska, M. Stahlberg, L. Stefanazzi, L. Stodolsky, C. Strandhagen, R. Strauss, A. Stutz, R. Thomas, A. Thompson, J. Tiffenberg, C. Tomei, M. Traina, S. Uemura, I. Usherov, L. Vagneron, W. Van De Pontseele, F.A. Vazquez de Sola Fernandez, M. Vidal, M. Vignati, A.L. Virto, M. Vivier, T. Volansky, V. Wagner, F. Wagner, J. Walker, R. Ward, S.L. Watkins, A. Wex, M. Willers, M.J. Wilson, L. Winslow, E. Yakushev, T.-T. Yu, M. Zampaolo, A. Zaytsev, V. Zema, D. Zinatulina, A. Zolotarova

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Submission summary

Authors (as registered SciPost users): Leonie Einfalt · Hugues Lattaud · Valentyna Mokina · Felix Wagner
Submission information
Preprint Link: scipost_202203_00029v1  (pdf)
Date accepted: 2022-07-06
Date submitted: 2022-03-21 12:12
Submitted by: Wagner, Felix
Submitted to: SciPost Physics
Proceedings issue: EXCESS Workshop (EXCESS2021)
Ontological classification
Academic field: Physics
  • Gravitation, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
Approach: Experimental


Many low-threshold experiments observe sharply rising event rates of yet unknown origins below a few hundred eV, and larger than expected from known backgrounds. Due to the significant impact of this excess on the dark matter or neutrino sensitivity of these experiments, a collective effort has been started to share the knowledge about the individual observations. For this, the EXCESS Workshop was initiated. In its first iteration in June 2021, ten rare event search collaborations contributed to this initiative via talks and discussions. The contributing collaborations were CONNIE, CRESST, DAMIC, EDELWEISS, MINER, NEWS-G, NUCLEUS, RICOCHET, SENSEI and SuperCDMS. They presented data about their observed energy spectra and known backgrounds together with details about the respective measurements. In this paper, we summarize the presented information and give a comprehensive overview of the similarities and differences between the distinct measurements. The provided data is furthermore publicly available on the workshop’s data repository together with a plotting tool for visualization.

Published as SciPost Phys. Proc. 9, 001 (2022)

Reports on this Submission

Anonymous Report 1 on 2022-6-10 (Invited Report)

  • Cite as: Anonymous, Report on arXiv:scipost_202203_00029v1, delivered 2022-06-10, doi: 10.21468/SciPost.Report.5216


1- This report provides a novel and synergistic link between different experiments by discussing and comparing their observations of an excess of events at low energies.
2- Signals at these low energies (at the 100 eV scale) are indeed a new issue for detectors in this research field to contend with. Sophisticated detectors have been devised, built and operated to detect signal/background events with remarkably low thresholds, in some cases down to the single electron (electron-hole) level. This reports collects and summarizes the relevant aspects of each of these experiments.


1- Because it is a collection of details and measured results from many different experiments, a minor weakness of the report is its somewhat varied styles in different portions of the manuscript. This is, of course, quite understandable.
2- The synthesis of all the measurements (their excess of events) and the comparison of the spectra was shorter than I expected. I guess the conclusions from the EXCESS Workshop are easy to summarize because at this stage they can be condensed as: a) the excess events are yet unexplained; b) there is no single common origin. The proposed explanations fall into two categories: 1) some interaction (physics); or 2) some detector "instrumental" effect. Therefore, this isn't really a weakness of the report. It's just the nature that, at this stage, this is the status.


This report provides a summary of the EXCESS Workshop. I believe the acceptance criteria of this journal have been met. It's a useful scientific contribution because of the strengths noted above.

Requested changes

Being that this is an atypical manuscript, I do not have changes to suggest. I believe it is preferable that this manuscript serves as a snapshot of the status of excess events as reported by each of the experiments that have taken data at these low energies.

  • validity: high
  • significance: good
  • originality: good
  • clarity: good
  • formatting: excellent
  • grammar: excellent

Author:  Felix Wagner  on 2022-06-23  [id 2604]

(in reply to Report 1 on 2022-06-10)

Dear reviewer,

Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate the work, given that the manuscript is quite long and deals with many different detector concepts. Considering your reported strengths and weaknesses, we agree with your representation of them, and your recommendation.

Kind regards,
the editors of the publication

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