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Exactly solvable quantum few-body systems associated with the symmetries of the three-dimensional and four-dimensional icosahedra

T. Scoquart, J. J. Seaward, S. G. Jackson, M. Olshanii

SciPost Phys. 1, 005 (2016) · published 23 October 2016


The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that non-crystallographic reflection groups can be used to build new solvable quantum particle systems. We explicitly construct a one-parametric family of solvable four-body systems on a line, related to the symmetry of a regular icosahedron: in two distinct limiting cases the system is constrained to a half-line. We repeat the program for a 600-cell, a four-dimensional generalization of the regular three-dimensional icosahedron.

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Exactly solvable models Icosahedra Reflection groups

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