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Counting D1-D5-P microstates in supergravity

Daniel R. Mayerson, Masaki Shigemori

SciPost Phys. 10, 018 (2021) · published 27 January 2021


We quantize the D1-D5-P microstate geometries known as superstrata directly in supergravity. We use Rychkov's consistency condition [hep-th/0512053] which was derived for the D1-D5 system; for superstrata, this condition turns out to be strong enough to fix the symplectic form uniquely. For the $(1,0,n)$ superstrata, we further confirm this quantization by a bona-fide explicit computation of the symplectic form using the semi-classical covariant quantization method in supergravity. We use the resulting quantizations to count the known supergravity superstrata states, finding agreement with previous countings that the number of these states grows parametrically smaller than those of the corresponding black hole.

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