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From deconfined spinons to coherent magnons in an antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chain with long range interactions

Luhang Yang, Adrian E. Feiguin

SciPost Phys. 10, 110 (2021) · published 19 May 2021


We study the nature of the excitations of an antiferromagnetic (AFM) Heisenberg chain with staggered long range interactions using the time-dependent density matrix renormalization group method and by means of a multi-spinon approximation. The chain undergoes true symmetry breaking and develops long range order, transitioning from a gapless spin liquid to a gapless ordered AFM phase. The spin dynamical structure factor shows that the emergence of N\'eel order can be associated to the formation of bound states of spinons that become coherent magnons. The quasiparticle band leaks out from the two-spinon continuum that is pushed up to higher energies. Our physical picture is also supported by an analysis of the behavior of the excitations in real-time.

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