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Towards a quantum fluid theory of correlated many-fermion systems from first principles

Z. A. Moldabekov, T. Dornheim, G. Gregori, F. Graziani, M. Bonitz, A. Cangi

SciPost Phys. 12, 062 (2022) · published 16 February 2022


Correlated many-fermion systems emerge in a broad range of phenomena in warm dense matter, plasmonics, and ultracold atoms. Quantum hydrodynamics (QHD) complements first-principles methods for many-fermion systems at larger scales. We illustrate the failure of the standard Bohm potential central to QHD for strong perturbations when the density perturbation is larger than about $10^{-3}$ of the mean density. We then extend QHD to this regime via the \emph{many-fermion Bohm potential} from first-principles. This may lead to more accurate QHD simulations beyond their common application domain in the presence of strong perturbations at scales unattainable with first-principles methods.

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