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Dynamics of the order parameter statistics in the long range Ising model

Nishan Ranabhat, Mario Collura

SciPost Phys. 12, 126 (2022) · published 11 April 2022


We study the relaxation of the local ferromagnetic order in the transverse field quantum Ising chain with power-law decaying interactions $1/r^{\alpha}$. We prepare the system in the GHZ state and study the time evolution of the probability distribution function (PDF) of the order parameter within a block of $l$ when quenching the transverse field. The model is known to support long range order at finite temperature for $\alpha \leq 2.0$ . In this regime, quasi-localized topological magnetic defects are expected to strongly affect the equilibration of the full probability distribution. We highlight different dynamical regimes where gaussification mechanism may be slowed down by confinement and eventually breaks. We further study the PDF dynamics induced by changing the effective dimensionality of the system; we mimic this by quenching the range of the interactions. As a matter of fact, the behavior of the system crucially depends on the value of $\alpha$ governing the unitary evolution.

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