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The 3d twisted index and wall-crossing

Mathew Bullimore, Andrea E.V. Ferrari, Heeyeon Kim

SciPost Phys. 12, 186 (2022) · published 8 June 2022


We study the twisted index of 3d $\mathcal{N}=2$ supersymmetric gauge theories on $S^1 \times \Sigma$ in the presence of a real FI parameter deformation. This parameter induces a 1d FI parameter for the effective supersymmetric quantum mechanics on $S^1$. Using supersymmetric localisation, the twisted index can be expressed as a contour integral. We show that the contour prescription is modified in the presence of the 1d FI parameter, leading to wall-crossing phenomena for the twisted index. In particular, we derive a general wall-crossing formula for abelian gauge theories. We also examine the origin of wall-crossing as change of stability condition in the algebro-geometric interpretation of the twisted index. These ideas are illustrated for abelian theories with $\mathcal{N}=4$ supersymmetry and in a non-abelian example that reproduces wall-crossing phenomena associated to moduli spaces of stable pairs.

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