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2D topological matter from a boundary Green's functions perspective: Faddeev-LeVerrier algorithm implementation

Miguel Alvarado, Alfredo Levy Yeyati

SciPost Phys. 13, 009 (2022) · published 25 July 2022


Since the breakthrough of twistronics a plethora of topological phenomena in correlated systems has appeared. These devices can be typically analyzed in terms of lattice models using Green's function techniques. In this work we introduce a general method to obtain the boundary Green's function of such models taking advantage of the numerical Faddeev-LeVerrier algorithm to circumvent some analytical constraints of previous works. We illustrate our formalism analyzing the edge features of a Chern insulator, the Kitaev square lattice model for a topological superconductor and the Checkerboard lattice hosting topological flat bands. The efficiency and accuracy of the method is demonstrated by comparison to standard recursive Green's function calculations and direct diagonalizations.

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