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Coloring mixed QCD/QED evolution

Leif Gellersen, Stefan Prestel, Michael Spannowsky

SciPost Phys. 13, 034 (2022) · published 26 August 2022


Parton showers are crucial components of high-energy physics calculations. Improving their modelling of QCD is an active research area since shower approximations are stumbling blocks for precision event generators. Naively, the interference between sub-dominant Standard-Model interactions and QCD can be of similar size to subleading QCD corrections. This article assesses the impact of QCD/QED interference effects in parton showers, by developing a sophisticated shower including QED, QCD at fixed color, and employing complete tree-level matrix element corrections for individual $N_C=3$ color configurations to embed interference. The resulting simulation indicates that QCD/QED interference effects are small for a simple test case and dwarfed by electro-weak resonance effects.

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