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Macroscopic fluctuation theory and current fluctuations in active lattice gases

Tal Agranov, Sunghan Ro, Yariv Kafri, Vivien Lecomte

SciPost Phys. 14, 045 (2023) · published 22 March 2023


We study the current large deviations for a lattice model of interacting active particles displaying a motility-induced phase separation (MIPS). To do this, we first derive the exact fluctuating hydrodynamics of the model in the large system limit. On top of the usual Gaussian noise terms the theory also presents Poissonian noise terms, that we fully account for. We find a dynamical phase transition between flat density profiles and sharply phase-separated traveling waves, and we derive the associated phase diagram together with the large deviation function for all phases, including the one displaying MIPS. We show how the results can be obtained using methods similar to those of equilibrium phase separation, in spite of the nonequilibrium nature of the problem.

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