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Chiral gauge theories on $R^3 \times S^1$ and SUSY breaking

Jun Seok Lee, John Terning

SciPost Phys. 14, 081 (2023) · published 24 April 2023


We study $SU(5)$ chiral gauge theories on $R^3\times S^1$. With an unequal number of fundamental and antifundmental matter representations we calculate nontrivial pre-ADS superpotentials generated by composite multi-monopoles. We also point out that the structure of the composite multi-monopoles can be determined simply from the affine Dynkin diagrams of the gauge group and its unbroken subgroup. For the case of one flavor, we find that the superpotential is independent of the composite meson. We show that dynamical 4D SUSY breaking in the simplest chiral $SU(5)$ gauge theory can be demonstrated directly via semi-classical effects on the circle.

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