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Exact solution for the Lindbladian dynamics for the open XX spin chain with boundary dissipation

Kohei Yamanaka, Tomohiro Sasamoto

SciPost Phys. 14, 112 (2023) · published 15 May 2023


We obtain exact formulas for the time-dependence of a few physical observables for the open XX spin chain with Lindbladian dynamics. Our analysis is based on the fact that the Lindblad equation for an arbitrary open quadratic system of $N$ fermions is explicitly solved in terms of diagonalization of a $4N\times4N$ matrix called structure matrix by following the scheme of the third quantization. We mainly focus on the time-dependence of magnetization and spin current. As a short-time behavior at a given site, we observe the plateau regime except near the center of the chain. Basic features of this are explained by the light-cone structure created by propagations of boundary effects from the initial time, but we can explain their more detailed properties analytically using our exact formulas. On the other hand, after the plateau regime, the magnetization and spin current exhibit a slow decay to the steady state values described by the Liouvillian gap. We analytically establish its $O(N^{-3})$ scaling and also determine its coefficient.

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