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$m^*$ of two-dimensional electron gas: A neural canonical transformation study

Hao Xie, Linfeng Zhang, Lei Wang

SciPost Phys. 14, 154 (2023) · published 14 June 2023


The quasiparticle effective mass $m^\ast$ of interacting electrons is a fundamental quantity in the Fermi liquid theory. However, the precise value of the effective mass of uniform electron gas is still elusive after decades of research. The newly developed neural canonical transformation approach [Xie et al., J. Mach. Learn. 1, (2022)] offers a principled way to extract the effective mass of electron gas by directly calculating the thermal entropy at low temperature. The approach models a variational many-electron density matrix using two generative neural networks: an autoregressive model for momentum occupation and a normalizing flow for electron coordinates. Our calculation reveals a suppression of effective mass in the two-dimensional spin-polarized electron gas, which is more pronounced than previous reports in the low-density strong-coupling region. This prediction calls for verification in two-dimensional electron gas experiments.

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