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The partial Bondi gauge: Gauge fixings and asymptotic charges

Marc Geiller, Céline Zwikel

SciPost Phys. 16, 076 (2024) · published 18 March 2024


In the companion paper [SciPost Phys. 13, 108 (2022)] we have studied the solution space at null infinity for gravity in the partial Bondi gauge. This partial gauge enables to recover as particular cases and among other choices the Bondi-Sachs and Newman-Unti gauges, and to approach the question of the most general boundary conditions and asymptotic charges in gravity. Here we compute and study the asymptotic charges and their algebra in this partial Bondi gauge, by focusing on the flat case with a varying boundary metric $\delta q_{AB}≠0$. In addition to the super-translations, super-rotations, and Weyl transformations, we find two extra asymptotic symmetries associated with non-vanishing charges labelled by free functions in the solution space. These new symmetries arise from a weaker definition of the radial coordinate and switch on traces in the transverse metric. We also exhibit complete gauge fixing conditions in which these extra asymptotic symmetries and charges survive. As a byproduct of this calculation we obtain the charges in Newman-Unti gauge, in which one of these extra asymptotic charges is already non-vanishing. We also apply the formula for the charges in the partial Bondi gauge to the computation of the charges for the Kerr spacetime in Bondi coordinates.

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