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A lattice pairing-field approach to ultracold Fermi gases

Florian Ehmann, Joaquín E. Drut, Jens Braun

SciPost Phys. 16, 091 (2024) · published 3 April 2024


We develop a pairing-field formalism for ab initio studies of non-relativistic two-component fermions on a (d+1)-dimensional spacetime lattice. More specifically, we focus on theories where the interaction between the two components can be described by the exchange of a corresponding pairing field. The introduction of a pairing field may indeed be convenient for studies of, e.g., the finite-temperature phase structure and critical behavior of, e.g., ultracold atomic Fermi gases. Moreover, such a formalism allows to directly compute the momentum and frequency dependence of the pair propagator, from which the pair-correlation function can be extracted. For a first illustration of the application of our formalism, we compute the density equation of state and the superfluid order parameter for a gas of unpolarized fermions in (0+1) dimensions by employing the complex Langevin approach to surmount the sign problem.

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