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Decoding stringy near-supersymmetric black holes

Chi-Ming Chang, Li Feng, Ying-Hsuan Lin, Yi-Xiao Tao

SciPost Phys. 16, 109 (2024) · published 23 April 2024


Building on the recent discovery of the first candidate black hole operator in the $\mathcal{N}=4$ super-Yang-Mills, we explore the near-supersymmetric aspects of the theory that capture lightly excited, highly stringy black holes. We extend the superspace formalism describing the classically supersymmetric (1/16-BPS) sector of $\mathcal{N}=4$ super-Yang-Mills and compute a large number of one-loop anomalous dimensions. Despite being in the highly stringy regime, we find hints of a gap in the spectrum, similar to that found by a gravitational path integral. We also determine the actual expression of the first candidate black hole operator at weak gauge coupling, going beyond the cohomological construction.

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