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Disordered $\mathcal{N} = (2, 2)$ supersymmetric field theories

Chi-Ming Chang, Xiaoyang Shen

SciPost Phys. 16, 140 (2024) · published 30 May 2024


We investigate a large class of $\mathcal{N}=(2,2)$ supersymmetric field theories in two dimensions, which contains the Murugan-Stanford-Witten model, and can be naturally regarded as a disordered generalization of the two-dimensional Landau-Ginzburg models. We analyze the two and four-point functions of chiral superfields, and extract from them the central charge, the operator spectrum, and the chaos exponent in these models. Some of the models exhibit a conformal manifold parameterized by the variances of the random couplings. We compute the Zamolodchikov metrics on the conformal manifold, and demonstrate that the chaos exponent varies nontrivally along the conformal manifolds. Finally, we introduce and perform some preliminary analysis of a disordered generalization of the gauged linear sigma models, and discuss the low energy theories as ensemble averages of Calabi-Yau sigma models over complex structure moduli space.

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