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Assessment of Quantum Annealing for the Construction of Satisfiability Filters

Marlon Azinović, Daniel Herr, Bettina Heim, Ethan Brown, Matthias Troyer

SciPost Phys. 2, 013 (2017) · published 7 April 2017


Satisfiability filters, introduced by S. A. Weaver et al. in 2014, are a new and promising type of filters to address set membership testing. In order to construct satisfiability filters, it is necessary to find disparate solutions to hard random $k$-SAT problems. This paper compares simulated annealing, simulated quantum annealing and walkSAT, an open-source SAT solver, in terms of their ability to find such solutions. The results indicate that solutions found by simulated quantum annealing are generally less disparate than solutions found by the other solvers and therefore less useful for the construction of satisfiability filters.

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Quantum annealing Satisfiability filters Simulated annealing

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