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Universal Entanglement Dynamics following a Local Quench

Romain Vasseur, Hubert Saleur

SciPost Phys. 3, 001 (2017) · published 6 July 2017


We study the time dependence of the entanglement between two quantum wires after suddenly connecting them via tunneling through an impurity. The result at large times is given by the well known formula $S(t) \approx {1\over 3}\ln {t}$. We show that the intermediate time regime can be described by a universal cross-over formula $S=F(tT_K)$, where $T_K$ is the crossover (Kondo) temperature: the function $F$ describes the dynamical "healing" of the system at large times. We discuss how to obtain analytic information about $F$ in the case of an integrable quantum impurity problem using the massless Form-Factors formalism for twist and boundary condition changing operators. Our results are confirmed by density matrix renormalization group calculations and exact free fermion numerics.

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Boundary condition changing operators Density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) Entanglement Entanglement dynamics Free fermions Integrability/integrable models Kondo temperature Local quenches Massless form factors Quantum impurity problems Quantum wires Tunneling

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