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Stochastic dissipative quantum spin chains (I) : Quantum fluctuating discrete hydrodynamics

Michel Bauer, Denis Bernard, Tony Jin

SciPost Phys. 3, 033 (2017) · published 4 November 2017


Motivated by the search for a quantum analogue of the macroscopic fluctuation theory, we study quantum spin chains dissipatively coupled to quantum noise. The dynamical processes are encoded in quantum stochastic differential equations. They induce dissipative friction on the spin chain currents. We show that, as the friction becomes stronger, the noise induced dissipative effects localize the spin chain states on a slow mode manifold, and we determine the effective stochastic quantum dynamics of these slow modes. We illustrate this approach by studying the quantum stochastic Heisenberg spin chain.

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Dissipation Friction Heisenberg spin chains Hydrodynamics Localization Quantum noise Quantum spin chains Stochastic differential equations Stochastic dynamics

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