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Tagging Jets in Invisible Higgs Searches

Anke Biekoetter, Fabian Keilbach, Rhea Moutafis, Tilman Plehn, Jennifer M. Thompson

SciPost Phys. 4, 035 (2018) · published 22 June 2018


Searches for invisible Higgs decays in weak boson fusion are a well-known laboratory for jets and QCD studies. We present a series of results on tagging jets and central jet activity. First, precision analyses of the central jet activity require full control of single top production in some analyses. Second, the rate dependence on the size of the tagging jets is not limited to weak boson fusion. For the first time, we show how subjet information on the tagging jets and on the additional jet activity can be used to extract the Higgs signal. The additional observables relieve some of the pressure on other, critical observables. Finally, we compare the performance of weak boson fusion and associated Higgs production.

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Higgs boson Jets Quantum chromodynamics (QCD)

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