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Deep-learned Top Tagging with a Lorentz Layer

Anja Butter, Gregor Kasieczka, Tilman Plehn, Michael Russell

SciPost Phys. 5, 028 (2018) · published 26 September 2018


We introduce a new and highly efficient tagger for hadronically decaying top quarks, based on a deep neural network working with Lorentz vectors and the Minkowski metric. With its novel machine learning setup and architecture it allows us to identify boosted top quarks not only from calorimeter towers, but also including tracking information. We show how the performance of our tagger compares with QCD-inspired and image-recognition approaches and find that it significantly increases the performance for strongly boosted top quarks.

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Machine learning (ML) Quantum chromodynamics (QCD) Tagging Top quark

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