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Spin-liquid behaviour and the interplay between Pokrovsky-Talapov and Ising criticality in the distorted, triangular-lattice, dipolar Ising antiferromagnet

Andrew Smerald, Frederic Mila

SciPost Phys. 5, 030 (2018) · published 28 September 2018


We study the triangular-lattice Ising model with dipolar interactions, inspired by its realisation in artificial arrays of nanomagnets. We show that a classical spin-liquid forms at intermediate temperatures, and that its behaviour can be tuned by temperature and/or a small lattice distortion between a string Luttinger liquid and a domain-wall-network state. At low temperature there is a transition into a magnetically ordered phase, which can be first-order or continous with a crossover in the critical behaviour between Pokrovsky-Talapov and 2D-Ising universality. When the Pokrovsky-Talapov criticality dominates, the transition is essentially of the Kasteleyn type.