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Large fluctuations of the KPZ equation in a half-space

Alexandre Krajenbrink, Pierre Le Doussal

SciPost Phys. 5, 032 (2018) · published 12 October 2018


We investigate the short-time regime of the KPZ equation in $1+1$ dimensions and develop a unifying method to obtain the height distribution in this regime, valid whenever an exact solution exists in the form of a Fredholm Pfaffian or determinant. These include the droplet and stationary initial conditions in full space, previously obtained by a different method. The novel results concern the droplet initial condition in a half space for several Neumann boundary conditions: hard wall, symmetric, and critical. In all cases, the height probability distribution takes the large deviation form $P(H,t) \sim \exp( - \Phi(H)/\sqrt{t})$ for small time. We obtain the rate function $\Phi(H)$ analytically for the above cases. It has a Gaussian form in the center with asymmetric tails, $|H|^{5/2}$ on the negative side, and $H^{3/2}$ on the positive side. The amplitude of the left tail for the half-space is found to be half the one of the full space. As in the full space case, we find that these left tails remain valid at all times. In addition, we present here (i) a new Fredholm Pfaffian formula for the solution of the hard wall boundary condition and (ii) two Fredholm determinant representations for the solutions of the hard wall and the symmetric boundary respectively.

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Fredholm Pfaffians Fredholm determinants Hard wall boundary conditions Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) equation Neumann boundary conditions

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