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Effective field theory of a vortex lattice in a bosonic superfluid

Sergej Moroz, Carlos Hoyos, Claudio Benzoni, Dam Thanh Son

SciPost Phys. 5, 039 (2018) · published 26 October 2018


Using boson-vortex duality, we formulate a low-energy effective theory of a two-dimensional vortex lattice in a bosonic Galilean-invariant compressible superfluid. The excitation spectrum contains a gapped Kohn mode and an elliptically polarized Tkachenko mode that has quadratic dispersion relation at low momenta. External rotation breaks parity and time-reversal symmetries and gives rise to Hall responses. We extract the particle number current and stress tensor linear responses and investigate the relations between them that follow from Galilean symmetry. We argue that elementary particles and vortices do not couple to the spin connection which suggests that the Hall viscosity at zero frequency and momentum vanishes in a vortex lattice.

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Kohn modes Superfluidity Tkachenko modes Vortex lattices

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