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Abelian and non-abelian symmetries in infinite projected entangled pair states

Claudius Hubig

SciPost Phys. 5, 047 (2018) · published 9 November 2018


We explore in detail the implementation of arbitrary abelian and non-abelian symmetries in the setting of infinite projected entangled pair states on the two-dimensional square lattice. We observe a large computational speed-up; easily allowing bond dimensions $D = 10$ in the square lattice Heisenberg model at computational effort comparable to calculations at $D = 6$ without symmetries. We also find that implementing an unbroken symmetry does not negatively affect the representative power of the state and leads to identical or improved ground-state energies. Finally, we point out how to use symmetry implementations to detect spontaneous symmetry breaking.

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Abelian symmetries Heisenberg model Infinite projected entangled pair states (iPEPS) Non-abelian symmetries Spontaneous symmetry breaking

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