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Bootstrapping mixed correlators in three-dimensional cubic theories

Stefanos R. Kousvos, Andreas Stergiou

SciPost Phys. 6, 035 (2019) · published 21 March 2019


Three-dimensional theories with cubic symmetry are studied using the machinery of the numerical conformal bootstrap. Crossing symmetry and unitarity are imposed on a set of mixed correlators, and various aspects of the parameter space are probed for consistency. An isolated allowed region in parameter space is found under certain assumptions involving pushing operator dimensions above marginality, indicating the existence of a conformal field theory in this region. The obtained results have possible applications for ferromagnetic phase transitions as well as structural phase transitions in crystals. They are in tension with previous $\varepsilon$ expansion results, as noticed already in earlier work.

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Conformal bootstrap Conformal field theory (CFT) Phase transitions

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