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Thermal counting statistics in an atomic two-mode squeezed vacuum state

Maxime Perrier, Ziyad Amodjee, Pierre Dussarrat, Alexandre Dareau, Alain Aspect, Marc Cheneau, Denis Boiron, Christoph I. Westbrook

SciPost Phys. 7, 002 (2019) · published 3 July 2019


We measure the population distribution in one of the atomic twin beams generated by four-wave mixing in an optical lattice. Although the produced two-mode squeezed vacuum state is pure, each individual mode is described as a statistical mixture. We confirm the prediction that the particle number follows an exponential distribution when only one spatio-temporal mode is selected. We also show that this distribution accounts well for the contrast of an atomic Hong--Ou--Mandel experiment. These experiments constitute an important validation of our twin beam source in view of a future test of a Bell inequality.

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Bell inequalities Optical lattices Statistics Two-mode vacuum state

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