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Hall anomaly and moving vortex charge in layered superconductors

Assa Auerbach, Daniel P. Arovas

SciPost Phys. 8, 061 (2020) · published 17 April 2020


Magnetotransport theory of layered superconductors in the flux flow steady state is revisited. Longstanding controversies concerning observed Hall sign reversals are resolved. The conductivity separates into a Bardeen-Stephen vortex core contribution, and a Hall conductivity due to moving vortex charge. This charge, which is responsible for Hall anomaly, diverges logarithmically at weak magnetic field. Its values can be extracted from magetoresistivity data by extrapolation of vortex core Hall angle from the normal phase. Hall anomalies in YBCO, BSCCO, and NCCO data are consistent with theoretical estimates based on doping dependence of London penetration depths. In the appendices, we derive the Streda formula for the hydrodynamical Hall conductivity, and refute previously assumed relevance of Galilean symmetry to Hall anomalies.

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Quantum Hall effect Superconducting films

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