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Lessons from the Ramond sector

Nathan Benjamin, Ying-Hsuan Lin

SciPost Phys. 9, 065 (2020) · published 6 November 2020


We revisit the consistency of torus partition functions in (1+1)$d$ fermionic conformal field theories, combining traditional ingredients of modular invariance/covariance with a modernized understanding of bosonization/fermionization dualities. Various lessons can be learned by simply examining the oft-ignored Ramond sector. For several extremal/kinky modular functions in the bootstrap literature, we can either rule out or identify the underlying theory. We also revisit the ${\cal N} = 1$ Maloney-Witten partition function by calculating the spectrum in the Ramond sector, and further extending it to include the modular sum of seed Ramond characters. Finally, we perform the full ${\cal N} = 1$ RNS modular bootstrap and obtain new universal results on the existence of relevant deformations preserving different amounts of supersymmetry.

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